Health Careers Information

The Center partners with health professions educational programs to sponsor health career opportunity programs focused on the needs of students and the health workforce.

Enrichment Programs: 
This initiative focuses on providing enrichment opportunities in the areas of math and science for student’s 9th -12th grade.

  • Public Health Camp: A one-week summer program in partnership with the UT School of Public Health, San Antonio Regional Campus, designed to engage students through hands-on learning and teach them the skills and knowledge needed for a career in Public Health.


  • The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Community Health Interns: The South Central AHEC is a partner with UTSA to provide senior students majoring in Community Health an opportunity to participate in a community based internship. This internship provides students the chance to apply what they have learned during their undergraduate studies in a work setting.
South Central AHEC
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