The South Texas Area Health Education Center (ST-AHEC) was founded in 1990 and, since inception, continues to focus on improving healthcare by addressing the unique challenges throughout South Texas. The catchment area of the ST-AHEC includes 35 counties in South Texas, serviced by five regional AHEC centers. Our region, particularly along the Texas-Mexico border, is characterized as predominantly Hispanic, medically underserved area with a large portion of the population living below the poverty level with little or no access to health care services. Each of the 35 counties has unique indices that contribute to the health and economic disparities. Through the Center for South Texas Programs (CSTP) at UT Health San Antonio, the AHEC Program Office provides oversight and direction to five Regional AHEC Centers through contractual agreements. Each of the five centers has a 501c3 non-profit designation with a diverse governing board and a rich network of community partners sharing the same vision that supports the mission of each center.

Who We Impact

The ST-AHEC, together with its affiliated centers, area health professions school partners, rural clinics and community-based organizations, focuses on three common goal areas:

  1. To prepare a culturally diverse and medically competent primary care workforce that reflects the communities we serve.
  2. To improve workforce distribution among rural and underserved areas.
  3. To develop and maintain a healthcare workforce that is prepared to deliver high-quality care, especially to those who live in the most vulnerable communities.

Five Regions

The South Texas AHEC program is committed to improving the health of the underserved by strengthening the health workforce. Click to the right to learn more about each AHEC.