Current Projects: As part of the Community Engagement Core Function of the CTSA at UT Health San Antonio, the AHEC established Translational Advisory Boards (TABs) to serve as “citizen science” panels of stakeholders within county specific areas, urban and rural. Starting in 2008 and initially developed in 5 counties of south central Texas,  TABs have grown to 7 counties include approximately 20+ community members who have been working together to improve health in partnership with researchers at UT Health San Antonio and their affiliated partners. We meet monthly to establish capacity work toward increasing access and decreasing disparity to the most underserved communities.

Current research projects with TABs include: Increasing HPV immunization, Family Diabetes Prevention and Management, Managing Chronic Pain, Hepatitis C Screening for Baby Boomers, Family Caregiver Outreach for Dementia/Alzheimer Patients and Intimate Partner Violence Awareness.

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Previous research projects include: Community Acquired MRSA, Chagas Awareness in South Texas, Teenage Pregnancy Outreach, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Veterans, Asthma Triggers in the Home and Increasing Zoster Vaccinations in Senior Citizens.

South Central AHEC
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