Mid Rio Grande Border AHEC

Area Health Education Center of the Mid Rio Grande Border Area of Texas, Inc. (Mid Rio Grande Border AHEC) The commitment of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio to the Mid Rio Grande Border region formally began in 1993 with the establishment of the Mid Rio Grande Border AHEC (MRGB-AHEC). Since then, the MRGB-AHEC works closely with its partners to increase the opportunities available for high school students to enter a health career education program, improve the health status of the community and enhance the quality of life of residents in the region.

Mission: To enhance the quality of life in the communities of the region by:

  • Increasing the number of well-trained health care workers;
  • Enhancing the academic resources and support to existing health care providers; and
  • Fostering a healthy lifestyle for the citizens of the communities.

Service Area: Zapata, Webb, LaSalle, Duval and Dimmit counties.

The MRGB-AHEC works to meet the needs of the region through three programmatic areas: Health Careers Opportunity Programs (HCOP) for K-16 grade level students, Continuing Education and Community Health Literacy Programs.

  • Health Careers Opportunity Program K-16 provides for health career exploration, promotion and hands-on enrichment programs for students from the elementary school level through post-secondary school;
  • Continuing Education Programs are available throughout the year.  The MRGB-AHEC partners with health care institutions and educational institutions to offer continuing education programs for the practicing health care professionals to obtain current information that can improve the quality of care they provide in the region. The MRGB-AHEC also organizes and sponsors educational workshops for educators, school administrators and other professionals to meet certifications requirements and serve as a link to information and education on current issues.
  • Community Health Literacy Programs serve as the foundation for promoting a healthy lifestyle in regards to healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, preventive medicine and the awareness of new programs or services available to the region.  These efforts are the result of year-round activities in collaboration with the community partners in organizing, sponsoring and supporting health fairs and community health education activities.

The MRGB-AHEC collaborates with the other four community-based South Texas AHEC Centers on regional projects in support of community-based research, health promotion and disease prevention.